How to Make Someone Look Older Using SFX Makeup

How to Make Someone Look Older Using SFX Makeup

Makeup is indeed a powerful tool.

It can be used to enhance one’s features and, in the case of special effects makeup, completely transform a person’s appearance!

Our previous blogs have covered what SFX makeup is and how to create SFX prosthetics. Be sure to check them out if you want to learn more!

For this blog post, I’ve decided to finally talk about one of the most intriguing SFX looks; aging. 

How do these magicians transform a young person into a wrinkled, aged one with just a few tools and ingredients? 

Today, all your questions will be answered! 

The Ingredients You’ll Need 

There are many ways to do old-age makeup, but I’ve found one of the easiest ways to execute the look perfectly without investing in too many products.

For this, you’ll need the following:

  • Liquid latex 
  • Hair dryer
  • Cosmetic sponges
  • White face powder 
  • Powder applicator (puff/brush)
  • Alcohol activated paints 

Before you start, please know that setting up a safe and organized workstation is vital, as liquid latex can be tricky to work with. You wouldn't want to ruin your clothes or the table. 

Caution: Some people can be allergic to liquid latex. It's best to test it out on a small patch of your skin, or your model's before proceeding. 

The Process 

I’ve divided the process into small steps so it’s easier for you to understand and follow. 

Step 1: Stretch your skin

You start by stretching your skin. This gets a bit difficult to do when you’re working on yourself alone. I’d recommend doing this step with a friend or family member. 

Alternatively, you can work in front of a mirror to see all the steps clearly. 

Stretch small sections of your skin and apply liquid latex on them using the sponge. Work on smaller areas to have more control over the outcome of the makeup.

This is a lengthy process, so ensure you have the one key ingredient to nail this look down: an abundance of patience! 

Alternatively, when aging the face, some don’t feel comfortable using liquid latex directly on the skin around the eyes, nose, and ears.

For that, you can easily get pre-made aged prosthetics. You can apply with an adhesive and seal the deal by adding a layer of liquid latex to blend the edges with your skin. 

Step 2: Dry the liquid latex

Naturally, the liquid latex should dry before you can continue. 

Use a hairdryer to execute this part, as it’s quicker and easier to dry the latex this way. Be sure to keep the setting on cool instead of hot air. Exposing your skin continuously to hot air can burn it. 

Your hands will get tired during this step but stay strong! Don’t let your skin slack during the drying, as it could ruin the results. 

Step 3: Setting with powder 

Like we set our foundation with face powder, we’ll do the same here. 

Use a translucent or no-color powder that’s safe to use and apply it over the latex using a powder brush/puff. Don’t be alarmed if the powder slips off! You’re meant to wipe off the excess anyway. 

Repeat the latex, drying, and powder process until you get the desired old-age look. Applying around three layers should be good if you’re going for moderate aging.

Step 4: Create age spots 

Trust me; this step will make your aging effect look much more real!

To even out the liquid latex with your skin tone, apply a foundation layer to make the SFX makeup look like your natural skin and balance the differences between your skin and the dried latex. 

Use brown paint/eyeliner to make age spots. You can use a reference picture from the internet to make it look realistic. 

And…you’re done! Didn’t I tell you this is a straightforward way of doing SFX old-age makeup? 

Final Thoughts 

Making someone look older using SFX makeup requires time and patience, as with other SFX looks. The more dedication you show to this, the better the outcome.

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