Nightmare Smiles


Steps To Create

  1. Mark out where you want the mouth t start and end 
  2. Mike liquid latex and flour 2:1
  3. Take the paste and o your markings
  4. Create a thin layer 1 1/2 inch away from the outline creating the rest of the mask
  5. Using a hot glue gun make teeth, small and large 
  6. While the latex is tacky stick teeth in, avoid leaving large gaps 
  7. Let everything completely dry 
  8. Mix more paste 
  9. Add another layer, securing the teeth into place and creating depth around the mouth 
  10. Let dry 
  11. Take foundation colors and color the mask
  12. Taking an eyeshadow brush use red and maroon around the mouth 
  13. Peel off prosthetic
  14. Trim prosthetic to fit the face 
  15. Taking dark red or black roughly fill where the opening of the mouth will be
  16. Glue down eyebrows 
  17. Use liquid latex to attach the prosthetic (start at the chin, and finish at the forehead) 
  18. Optional: add fake blood around the mouth
  19. Using liquid latex and tissue to fill the gap between your hairline and prosthetic 
  20. Color the new latex to match the prosthetic 
  21. Optional add blood to the mouth

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