Stitch Mouth


Steps to Create

  1. Trace out smile
  2. Mix latex and flour together 2:1
  3. Place paste on face, outlining smile 
  4. Take plain latex and spread it around other latex smoothing the surface 
  5. Use any dull item to smooth the insides of the lips to keep the shape 
  6. Cut out small pieces of yarn to use as stitches 
  7. Map out where you want the stitches 
  8. Using a pencil, spatula, or something pointed press the yarn into the top and then the bottom
  9. Repeat with all stitches 
  10. To cover up the holes do another layer of latex 
  11. Color outer layer using foundation and crème palettes, and dark red in between stitches 
  12. Peel off prosthetic
  13. Coat the backside of the prosthetic with latex 
  14. Stick on face 
  15. Place tissues and latex around the edges to create smoother skin 
  16. Take more foundation to blend into the skin 
  17. Place blood inside mouth, and anywhere around

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