Skin Mask

Steps To Create

  1. Map out where you want the smile to be 
  2. Put a layer of latex following the lines 
  3. While the latex is wet place pieces of cotton 
  4. Smooth out outer edges with latex 
  5. Ball out pieces of cotton and attach them where you want the teeth 
  6. Add more cotton onto lips, making them thicker
  7. Mix together latex and flour 2:1 
  8. Stir till all clumps are gone 
  9. Go over the lips and teeth keeping the shape with the flour+latex mixture 
  10. Add a layer of the latex mixture 1 inch around creating the face part 
  11. Let dry 
  12. Put a thin layer of latex
  13. Put tissue over latex, trying to keep it smooth 
  14. Color using face paint, either water or alcohol-based 
  15. Remove the mask from the dummy 
  16. Poke two vertical holes on each end of the mask
  17. Tie one end of the string into the top hole 
  18. Tie the other end of the string onto the bottom whole
  19. Repeat on the other side

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